SPIS annual report for 2018 summarising the year for SPIS, for the structured products market, and for the structured products industry.

2018 was an eventful year for SPIS and for structured products in many respects. We saw MiFID II and PRIIPs coming into force through extensive rules. In addition to the existing SPIS selfregulation, these rules are another step to enhance investor protection. Although the full benefits are yet to be seen, they bring with them a transparent and level playing field.

SPIS took further steps to enhance the understanding of structured products through educational initiatives. Nine educational videos were produced covering the most important aspects of the market for structured products, and the most common structured products. A new educational website was also launched in relation to this.

SPIS continued to keep a close dialogue with the FSA exchanging views on the market for structured products and the regulations affecting it. Although SPIS has come a long way in its work to increase transparency, comparability and understanding of structured products in Sweden, work remains to be done in order to further strengthen the industry and to create prerequisites for structured products to be acknowledged and established as a natural part of investor portfolios. Something they could and should be.

Link: SPIS Annual Report 2018